DEPCH 2023 - Second Call

Background & Aim
General Info
Submission Info & Publishing Details
Topic Suggestions
Submission Guidelines
Conference Committees

Background & Aim

This conference is based on the outcomes of the webinar named Data Management & Current Simulation Practices in Cultural Heritage Researches (DMCSPCH) on January 24th, 2022. Starting from founding conference 2023, it will be held in order to present academic studies on cultural assets in the international sense. İstanbul Aydın University will be the host of the conference. Researchers, academicians (from engineering, archaeology, communications fields) professionals, museum experts from fields related with cultural heritage, museum and their assets or people who works in different areas in terms of multidisciplinary connection with the context are all welcome. This is the founding conference and will be held once in every 2 years

General Info

Conference Name: I. International Conference on Data Management, Digitization and Economic Practices in Preserving & Promoting Cultural Heritage – DEPCH2023
Planned Date: July 28, 2023
Place: Florya - Istanbul, İstanbul Aydın University, TR
Conference Organisers: İstanbul Aydın University & EURAS - Eurasian Universities Union (
Contact Person: aliefeirali (@)
Type of Conference: Online
Subimission Fee: This is the Founding Conference. There will be no charge for this first year.

Submission Info & Publishing Details

Call for Papers: Abstracts and full papers.
Submission Method:
Deadline for Submissions: Deadline for Submissions: Deadline is July 14rd, 2023 for submissions. Although full papers are not mandatory, participants who desire to have a published abstract or full paper, will have time to edit their final works until August 14th, 2023.
Publishing Opportunity: EURAS Academic Journal – Proceedings Issue and Aydın Sanat Journal – Special Issue
Publishing Details: All abstracts and full papers will be reviewed by blind-double peer review process. Accepted and presented abstracts and accepted full papers will be published on EURAS Academic Journal. Also there is another option called Aydın Sanat Journal. People who’d like to send final works to Aydın Sanat, should use Dergipark interface to submit their studies. Peer review procedure of Aydın Sanat is not related with the conference reviewing process. Another review process will take a part in this situation.
EURAS Academic Journal Website:
Aydın Sanat Journal Website:
Presentation and Paper Langugages: English only.

The first initial call was covered April 14th for abstract submission, July 14th for full-text submission, and June 3rd as the conference date. However, due to the earthquake disaster that occurred in Kahramanmaraş and its surrounding areas on February 6, 2023, it has been decided to extend the process for a three-month period.

Topic Suggestions

• 3D Data Management and 3D Technologies on Web
• Virtual Museum and 3D Scanning Systems
• VR, AR, XR & MR Applications
• NFT Studies and Cloud Service Operands
• Marketing Practices of Cultural Heritage Through New Media
• Social Media Strategies of Museums
• Current Preservation Techniques Developed Using 3D Systems
• Interactive Cultural Assets Supported by Real-Time Simulation Systems & Games
• Evolution of Conventional Artists into Digital 3D Mechanisms
• Academic Perspectives of Educational Archeology in 3D Environments
• LIDAR and Democratization of Scanning
• Preservation of Cultural Heritage & Cultural Assets through Business Models and Cooperatives for Artisans
• Museum and Education Practices in Preserving and Presenting Cultural Heritage

Submission Guidelines

• All works have to show original and unpublished research results.
• Works shouldn't have been simultaneously submitted or presented to/on another journal, book or conference.
• Abstracts should be at least 250 up to 500 words long and include introduction, problems, aims-importance, methodology, discussion and results.
• Full papers shouldn’t exceed 5000 words. (References are not included.)
• Required font type is Times New Roman, sized in 12 with 0 pt spacing in all section lines of paper.
• Subtitles and titles should be written in bold and aligned to the middle.
• Texts should be aligned as justify from left to right.
• Titles and participant names should be written on top together with the institutions or organizations in full capital letters.
• No abbreviations are allowed on titles and subtitles.
• Full papers must include introduction, background, problems, aims-importance, methodology, discussion, results and references parts and they have to be layered and labeled as in different subtitles.
• At least 3 up to 5 keywords should be specified for all works.
• Each participant is able to send one work only.
• Participants must declare ethical concerns or reports taken from official units.
• If there are any kinds of conflicts of interests, disclosures or fundings; participants should acknowledge them.
• Abstracts and full papers will be sent through conference website only.
• Presenters will have 15 minutes each during presentation sessions.
• Face to face conference sessions will be held at “İstanbul Aydın University”.
• 6th edition of APA will be used as official reference system. You can find the citation examples from the link below:
• All presenters will get their certifications of partification at the end of conference.

Conference Committees

Additional committee members to be announced

Prof. Dr. Faisal SHAFAIT (National Univsersity of Sciences and Technology - School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa AYDIN (Founder of İstanbul Aydın University)
Prof. Dr. Yadigâr İZMİRLİ (Rector of İstanbul Aydın University)
Prof. Dr. Yavuz DEMİR (Rector of Ankara Science University)

Asst. Prof. Dr. Ali Efe İRALI (İstanbul Aydın University – Faculty of Fine Arts)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ece Kumkale AÇIKGÖZ (Ankara Science University – Faculty of Fine Arts & Design)
MSc. Faruk SEFERİ (EURAS - Organizational Development Specialist)
Dr. Neslihan UÇAR KARTOĞLU (Istanbul Kültür University - Faculty of Art & Design)
MSc. Student Nezihe ATILGAN (Foundation of Anatolian Education & Culture – Anadolu Eğitim ve Kültür Vakfı AKEV Coord.)
MSc. Batuhan HANGÜN (Independent Researcher)


Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Ristovska (International Balkan University - Faculty of Arts & Design)
Prof. Arif Can GÜNGÖR (Istanbul Aydın University – Faculty of Fine Arts)
Prof. Berna KURT (Istanbul Aydın University – Faculty of Fine Arts)
Prof. Dr. Faisal Shafait (National Univsersity of Sciences and Technology - School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)
Prof. Dr. Lin Hightower (Kennesaw State University – College of the Arts School of Art and Design)
Prof. Mehmet Reşat BAŞAR (Vice Rector of İstanbul Aydın University)
Prof. Dr. Okan Ormanlı (Istanbul Kültür University - Faculty of Art & Design)
Prof. Dr. Özer Kanburoğlu (Istanbul Aydın University – Faculty of Fine Arts)
Prof. Dr. Selahattin Yıldız (Istanbul Aydın University – Communication Faculty)
Prof. Dr. Sema ATİK KORKMAZ (UNESCO Chair on Cultural Heritage & Digital Memory)
Prof. Dr. Suat GEZGİN (Yeditepe University – Communication Faculty)
Prof. Dr. Zafer ASLAN (Vice Rector of İstanbul Aydın University)
Asst. Prof. Dr. Güneş OKTAY (Istanbul Aydın University – Faculty of Fine Arts)
Asst. Prof. Dr. Nursan KORUCU (Istanbul Aydın University – Faculty of Fine Arts)
Asst. Prof. Dr. Sinem BUDUN GÜLAS (Istanbul Aydın University – Faculty of Fine Arts)
Asst. Prof. Dr. Vladimir Gjorgjieski ((International Balkan University - Faculty of Arts & Design)

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